SINGAPORE – December 9, 2021 — DiSa Digital Safety Pte. Ltd. (“DiSa”) has, through its subsidiary company, Digital Life Line Pte. Ltd. (“Digital Life Line”), signed a tri-party licensing
agreement with National University of Singapore (“
NUS”) and Singapore Health Services Pte. Ltd. (“SingHealth”) on 8 December 2021 for the use of their new saliva-based COVID-19 ART
technology. This technology was co-developed by SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre and the NUS. Dubbed the Parallel Amplified Saliva rapid POint-of-caRe Test
(PASPORT), the technology produces results in minutes, without the need for additional equipment or specially-trained personnel.

Please refer to the Appendix 1 for more information about Duke-NUS’ invention, the first Singapore-invented ART technology that is hassle-free and fast in delivering the test result.

Despite the COVID-19 cases across the world remain high, many countries are re-opening their borders as they move over to the strategy of living with COVID-19. The demand for the ART kits
is expected to increase as the number of the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) arrangements between countries increases. Regular antigen rapid testing has become one of the preventive
measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Workers from sectors such as construction, food and beverages, logistics, personal care services, etc. are mandated to perform antigen
rapid testing on a regular basis. It is therefore important to ensure that the antigen rapid tests are conducted properly and the test results submitted are tampered-free.

In view of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Digital Life Line plans to commercialise this new saliva-based ART kits, subject to Digital Life Line’s ability to obtain approval from the relevant
regulatory authority, bundled with a system that is capable of reading the results of ART cassette and accordingly, authenticate and automate the delivery of tampered-free test results to the
intended recipients or authorities. This system includes an automatic self-test kiosk and a professional-administered mobile application.

“Our system removes the administrative burden of the business owners who are required to do mandatory regular ART tests for their workers. We will be using DiSa Serialization technology to tag each unique user to an ART kit for track and trace purposes making it impossible for the user to tamper the test result. This technology has been used in US retail industry since 2017 to prevent theft and return fraud.” said Mr. Eddie Chng, Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer of DISA Limited.


About Digital Life Line Pte. Ltd.

Digital Life Line, a 93% owned subsidiary of Disa Digital Safety Pte. Ltd., is a Singapore-based company that deals with the manufacturing and distribution of saliva-based Antigen Rapid Test (ART) kits.

About DiSa Digital Safety Pte. Ltd.

DiSa, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DISA Limited, is a Singapore-based technology solution provider that specializes in research and development of cutting-edge digital security solution (“DiSa Asset Protection System”). With its single scan technology and seamless integration, DiSa has been able to provide item level tracking and data with no disruption to the sales process. This technology is now protecting products and categories previously unachievable with traditional serialization methods, saving millions of dollars in prevented returns.

DiSa entered the US market in 2014 launching its Smart Solutions within the largest retailer in the world with a limited store test. After rigorous testing by the Loss Prevention Research Council, USA, DiSa rolled out its Smart Solutions nationwide in 2017.

About DISA Limited

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