About Us

Digital Life Line is a Singapore-based ISO13485-certified medical technology company that combines clinical expertise, global manufacturing know-how, and regulatory proficiency to rapidly bring to market diagnostics that enables accurate and convenient early screening. 

DLL has a proven track record of working with renowned institutions in Singapore to accelerate the commercialization of best-in-class, highly de-risked breakthroughs through manufacturing, regulatory and market distribution.

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AVAT (Automated Visual Acuity Test)

  • DLL vision screening devices are accurate and complement existing vision screening workflow by:
    • freeing up space, manpower resources
    • allowing self-administered testing with no supervision
    • require small footprint
  • Ideal for deployment in community for early detection and regular monitoring to prevent irreversible vision loss.
  • Demonstrates high levels of satisfaction and useability.

PASPORT (Parallel Amplified rapid Saliva Point-Of-caRe Test)

  • Point-of-case detection using built-in amplification – sensitive
  • 97.0% sensitivity vs PCR
  • No reader needed – easy deployment
  • Self-collected saliva – comfort
  • No fasting required – ease of collection


Automated Recording ART Machine

  • 15 tests/hour/kiosk
  • Tampered-free results
  • Minimal supervision
ChekPoint was developed using DiSa Serialization Technologywhich has been used in US retail industry since 2017 to prevent theft and return fraud.