About Us

Digital Life Line Pte. Ltd. is a healthcare digitalization company that aims to transform the field of point-of-care testing by leveraging its proprietary on-kit signal amplification platform to enhance the detection sensitivity of rapid diagnostic kits, as well as an ecosystem of scalable, serialized diagnostics to facilitate result tracing and reporting. We are focusing on the manufacturing and distribution of reader-free, low-cost signal amplification tools that can be seamlessly adapted to existing and future antigen rapid test (ART) kits for the healthcare industry and at-home testing.

PASPORT (Parallel Amplified rapid Saliva Point-Of-caRe Test)

  • Point-of-case detection using built-in amplification – sensitive
  • 97.0% sensitivity vs PCR
  • No reader needed – easy deployment
  • Self-collected saliva – comfort
  • No fasting required – ease of collection


Automated Recording ART Machine

  • 15 tests/hour/kiosk
  • Tampered-free results
  • Minimal supervision
ChekPoint was developed using DiSa Serialization Technologywhich has been used in US retail industry since 2017 to prevent theft and return fraud.